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TPA Global provides international businesses with integrated and value-added solutions in improving financial performance, operational efficiency, strategic development, talent coaching and tax / transfer pricing. TPA Global identifies the right solutions for customers and targets; efficient and streamlined advisory and implementation processes which cut through operational complexities across functions and borders.

TPA Global is pleased to announce to start using 24sessions, a state of the art solution for online advice via your webcam.

Tired of going through pages after pages of regulations without knowing how they affect your company in practice? Spending hours trying to figure out which of the multitude of services offered by consultancy firms are best suited to your needs? Then, book an hour of face-to-face communication with a TPA Global professional and receive an immediate answer to your question(s) today!

TPA Global will use 24sessions to be in close contact with you and to provide you with online advice upon your request for free. You do not need to possess any subscription or additional technical equipment other than a computer/laptop with email and a webcam:

  1. Click on the blue button "Book A Professional" below
  2. Select a TPA Global professional
  3. Choose an hour from the offered slots (do not forget to set your local time setting and correct language)
  4. Provide a brief description of your issue
  5. Send your request

and receive customized advice and answers to your additional queries on a real time basis!


Margie van der Valk
Local Partner
+31 20 218 2231

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Innovating your strategy and business model starts with a common understanding of your current situation. You need to know your starting point before you can move forward. Constantly understanding what is happening in the  world around you and the ability of your organization to adjust to your context determines your success.

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